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MEECO manufactures and markets a complete line of safety and maintenance products for the solid fuel industry (wood stoves, pellet stoves, coal stoves, corn stoves and fireplaces), the fuel oil industry and the gas appliance industry. In addition, it is an OEM supplier of gasketing material to other manufacturers within these industries.

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FIREEX Meecos Red Devil FireEx Chimney Fire Suppressant
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    FIREEX Meeco's Red Devil FireEx Chimney Fire SuppressantFireEx protects your home from chimney fires. Smothers chimney fires safely and quickly. Nothing to light - simply throw the entire package onto a burning fire. Try to eliminate any drafts by either closing doors or covering opening with fire retardant material. For use in wood stoves and fireplaces. Safe, fast, and dependable. Some larger stoves and fireplaces may require 2 packs. Zinc oxide compound. Packaged in airtight plastic for...